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Driver Pre-Qualification Questions


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  1. How long have you had your CDL? *
  2. How many years of experience in heavy haul do you have?*
  3. What is your RGN experience? *
  4. What’s the most amount of axles have you pulled? *
  5. What is the widest and tallest load you have hauled? *
  6. Do you have doubles and triples endorsement on your license? *

  7. TWIC Card? *
  8. Are you currently employed?

  9. Any tickets or accidents in the past 3 years ?
  10. If yes, please explain:

  11. What area of town do you live in?
  12. How do you feel about traveling/driving 2-3 weeks at a time? How does your family feel about that?
  13. What’s the longest you have been out on the road?
  14. If hired, When can you start?

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